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WhatsApp will have many special features in the year 2021

Whether or not you use WhatsApp, but WhatsApp is currently planning to add new features to its app. However, nowadays, WhatsApp is mostly talked about its new privacy policy, which annoys most users. 

We will also tell you the latest updates of this controversy in this article, but first, we will tell you about some special features coming in the year 2021 in this app.   

Multiple Device Support Till now you used to get the support of only one device to run WhatsApp, that is, you cannot run WhatsApp on more than one smartphone or any device. However, you can run WhatsApp on any other device through WhatsApp Web. 

Now you can run your WhatsApp account on more than one device. Group missed call will join Through this feature, if someone called you during a group calling and you could not receive that call, then whenever you open WhatsApp during that call, only then you will be able to join that group call. 

This means that as soon as you open your WhatsApp, you will be automatically connected to a missed group call. Whatsapp insurance Now you will be able to buy health insurance from WhatsApp. Explain that sketch size insurance plans offer special needs-based insurance, in which both premium and insurance cover is low. 

WhatsApp reported that the company's payment facility is now available nationwide with the support of banking partners State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Axis Bank. 

WhatsApp said that by the end of this year SBI General's affordable health insurance can be purchased through WhatsApp.   

Make audio and video calls from WhatsApp web WhatsApp is also going to introduce audio and video call feature for its web version. A verified Twitter user shared a screenshot by tweeting that it can be seen in the web version of WhatsApp that the option of audio and video calling appears and there is BETA written along with it. 

Swiss watches WhatsApp privacy policy dispute news Now finally, if you update you about the privacy policy of WhatsApp, at the moment WhatsApp has postponed its privacy policy till May. 

The company says that the company will explain the policy to the users that it does not pose any threat to the privacy of any users. One day WhatsApp had given some information to all the users while clarifying their new policy through the states. 

Let us tell you that the Government of India has also sought a reply from WhatsApp, calling this WhatsApp policy a threat to users.

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