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HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse Silver


HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse Silver

Hey guys, today I'm taking a look at the HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse Silver. This article should be nice and quick. I'm going to give you all the information that you need in a nice short amount of time.

Let's get started. So this is the Z3700 in the color black. You can buy this mouse in other colors like silver, gold, blue and also white. In the box, you'll get one HP 3700 mouse, one USB mouse dongle, you get a AA battery to power the mouse and you do also get some paperwork.

This mouse has a slim, flat style design with a rectangular shape. It definitely looks stylish. To install the battery, simply remove the top of the mouse at the back here and insert the included AA battery into the mouse. The back of this mouse attaches with two small magnets so it's easy to remove and reattach. 

It's actually, the magnets that are holding the back of this mouse down. You have an on and off button, an optical sensor as well as some detailed product information. Also at the back is a blue button labelled 'connect'.

I'm not sure why you need this button since the mouse connects automatically as soon as the USB receiver is plugged in.  You don't need to install any drivers for this mouse to work, just plug the USB receiver into an available USB slot and the mouse should start working straight away. 

At the top of the mouse, you have the normal click buttons, left click and right click;  you also have the middle scroll button which is a bit thicker than a typical scroll wheel. Still works okay for both scrolling and for clicking. On most mouses, the sensor on the bottom of the mouse is a red sensor, but this mouse uses blue LED technology and has a blue sensor.   

HP says that this blue sensor will allow the mouse to work on a lot more different types of surfaces than you'd get from a regular mouse.  Let's test it out and see exactly what surfaces this mouse can work on. So obviously this mouse had no problems at all working on a mouse pad.

This mouse had no problems with a wooden surface. While most mice would struggle to work on a surface like a carpet, this mouse actually seemed to work okay. I tested this mouse on a soft blanket and it actually still worked pretty well. Obviously, you're not going to get the same accuracy that you would from a hard surface, but definitely, the receiver was still picking up all the movement of the mouse. 

So I actually struggled to find any surface that this mouse wouldn't work on. In terms of the ergonomics, the mouse fits into your hand relatively easily, but it's very flat when compared to a typical mouse.

Your hand being in such a flat position could cause you to have strain; there's a reason that ergonomic mouses are designed with that rounded curve, it makes your hand much more comfortable over longer periods of time. While this mouse is very stylish, the style comes at the cost of ergonomics.

So, if you want a mouse that looks cool that you're going to occasionally use this is a good option. I think if you want to use the mouse for a really long period of time, I would suggest getting a more ergonomic shaped mouse.

So this concludes the topic for HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse Silver. That’s about it for me, I forgot to tell you something, If you’re enjoying this article, please make sure to share the article. If you have any questions, comment down below, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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